Fashion Mantra Wears Your Confidence And Face The World

Fashion is way of expressing oneself to the world. It is just matter of choice of how you feel yourself to be expressed. It may include fashion in looks, cloths you wear or accessories you carry. Fashion can also be considered as wearing a confidence. It is always said first impression is last impression. Fashion does not always means wearing accessories and high end cloths but having a attire that suits one’s personality.

Fashion can be considered as a reflection of changes in business, political views, ethical views, philosophical views, art, and cultural beliefs. Western fashion recently moved from a predominantly practical style to one that focuses on looks and recognised beauty. Increase separation of gender discretionary areas, modification in workplace; and other social disparities. A revolution in fashion came when industries made readymade clothing widely available. By the mid-18th century, formal men’s wear had changed from well-tailored suits made of classical fabrics to superior styles with a wide range of cuts and colours that were a combination of both formal and casual. On the other hand, women began adopting dresses with longer and filler skirts than they had previously worn. The trend of shortening skirts went on from 20th century and it continues today!

There different ways to express your personality some are

Fashion Tips

  • Classic
  • Dramatic
  • Ethnic
  • Feminine
  • Retro
  • Streetwear

Fashion trends keep constantly changing. Today when it comes to fashion we can say old is gold, sequel of old fashion is again into trend with some its own essence.

Considering fashion one should always adopt style of clothing and accesories which suits particular time and event and also geometrical region. Inappropriate dressing style leaves bad impression on other. Style of dressing or the way one present themself also reflects the culture of a country. There are multiple fashion designers who come up with classy ideas under clothing and accessories which suit one’s personality.

Nowadays trend of fashion is of mix-n-match different styles of jwellery and clothing. 100 billion of clothing items are produced each year and largely it is consumed by people age group of 18 to 24 whereas 80% of clothing are made by women aged fewer than 25.

In clothing of men and women T-shirts are most common and around two billions of these are sold every year. Millions of fashion magazines are sold which showcase talent and trend in fashion. Charles Frederick Worth is known as first fashion designer in world.