Ten ways to Start Your Career in Cybersecurity

With a booming economy and few cybersecurity positions available, you must consider starting your work in cybersecurity today before it’s too late. This will help you start benefiting from a higher salary and the ever-growing need for cybersecurity professionals in the future.

  1. Join Community Events

Join Meetup groups and other cyber security organizations if they exist in your area. You can meet people who are also interested in cybersecurity. Ask questions, learn more about topics you are interested in, and make professional contacts. This will help you build relationships with people who would be interested in hiring you potentially even for professional positions in the future.

  1. Get Experience

Work for a local non-profit organization, a government agency or an online marketing firm. It’s important to get Experience working for opportunities that give you something to offer other companies and help prove your value to companies a future employer might be interested in hiring you for the position of a cybersecurity professional.

work in cybersecurity

  1. Learn

Read articles, books or blog posts that share insights on cybersecurity and working as a professional in the industry. When discussing cybersecurity topics, you’ll gain valuable knowledge showing you know what you’re talking about.

  1. Build a Portfolio

If you don’t already have one, build a website showcasing your abilities and interests in cyber security. This can be anything from writing articles to creating an online portfolio of your work experience to building a social media community for you online. Show that you are a part of the online community and active within it.

  1. Get Certified

You must get your certification in cybersecurity. Certification shows potential employers that you know to be able to do your job effectively. Certifications in cybersecurity also show employers that you are a well-rounded and professional individual who wants to further their career in cybersecurity.

  1. Network

Participate in online forums, online communities and organizations within the industry, such as the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (AMCHAM) or the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC) 2ndCybersecurityExpo (2ndCyber).

  1. Attend Events

Attend events that help you network but also give you industry knowledge. There are many conferences in cybersecurity where companies can discover new talent, and potential job candidates can find new opportunities with companies they might be interested in working for. Here are a few examples:

  1. Apply for Positions

Apply to jobs that fit your skillset, Experience and interests through your network, ads, or the company’s website if they have a presence online. Make sure you research the company by reading news articles and reviews about them online.

work in cybersecurity

  1. Narrow down Your Research

If you see many opportunities with different companies and positions, narrow it down to two or three that interest you most. If there are any job listings with the company, respond to them.

  1. Follow Up

Once you have applied for the job and followed up a few times, contact the employer again to confirm they received your application and express interest in working with them (this may not apply if you applied through a job board). This will help make sure they follow up on your application as well.


By following these steps, you can start your journey as a cybersecurity professional today. You can also learn what it takes to get your first work in cybersecurity with these steps. Always remember to be yourself while getting into the field of cyber security, and always take away the knowledge you gained from these tips.

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